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Ultimate Macaron Classic Gift Box

8 cookies

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Our Ultimate Macaron Classic Gift Box is perfect for all those macaron lovers! The Ultimate Macaron Classic Gift Box includes 8 macarons:

- Blueberry Macaron (2 cookies)

- Chocolate Macaron (2 cookies)

- Lemon Macaron (2 cookies)

- Vanilla Macaron (2 cookies)

We reserve the right to substitute varieties without notice.


Raspberry Buttercream (Butter, Sugar, Raspberry Puree, Egg Whites, Water, Vanilla, and Citric Acid), Chocolate Ganache (Heavy Whipping Cream and Chocolate), Lemon Buttercream (Butter, Sugar, Egg Whites, Lemon Oil, Water, and Vanilla), Vanilla Buttercream (Butter, Sugar, Egg Whites, Water, and Vanilla), Sugar, Premium Almond Flour, Powdered Sugar, Egg Whites, and Cream of Tartar.

Nutrition Facts


Our facility processes wheat, peanuts and tree nuts.

Contains tree nuts, milk, and eggs.

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