South American Decaf Blend Coffee
South American Decaf Blend Coffee

South American Decaf Blend Coffee

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6 coffee servings
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A freshly ground decaffeinated coffee with mild and sweet chocolate notes. This is a medium roast blend with beans from South America and is 97% caffeine free.  (6 individual servings)

1. Take out the coffee bag and tear along the dotted line
2. Place the coffee bag on top of mug using hanging arms
3. Gently pour 6-7 oz (200 ml) of hot water into the coffee ground
4. After pouring is finished, dispose the coffee bag and enjoy

Add more water if you like it mild

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Enjoy a new dessert experience with our line of coffee. Each serving is ground and packaged individually to give you the freshest cup.

Every coffee is measured and packed into 6 individual servings.

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